Real Power Quality DC inverter heat pump

Time: 2016-11-29
Summary: Branded inverter compressor (R410a); Touch screen controller; Electromagnetic flow switch; Built-in drain valve; Built-in Wilo circulation pump; Quiet running; Efficient heating;

This dc inverter heat pump is equipped with quality components.

Branded Panasonic  inverter compressor---It works very reliable;

Touch screen controller---Nice look, large screen display, easy to operate;

Electromagnetic flow switch---Much more sensitive and precise;

Quick connected pressure gauge---Convenient for maintenance;

Built-in drain valve---Convenient for water draining;

Built-in Wilo circulation pump---Convenient for heat pump installation and usage;

This quality dc inverter heat pump runs quietly with very low compressor and fan motor noise, there is no worry about the disturb to the neighbors around. You can enjoy the quiet and comfortable heating$cooling all the year around.


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